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The Importance of a Registered Address Service

singapore registered address service

If you want to register your company in Singapore, you can opt for a registered address service. This service will provide your company with a local address, which is accessible to the public five hours a day. In case you have a home address, you can also register your business there. The government has no problem with you using it as your registered address, provided it is located in Singapore.

Virtual office

When you’re considering incorporating a company in Singapore, it’s essential to have a registered office address. You can get your own physical space if you’d like, or you can rent one from a virtual office service. Virtual office services are particularly convenient for startups as they can lower startup costs while giving them a professional image. In addition to providing a local registered office address, many virtual office services also include receptionist services and business meeting spaces.

Virtual office services in Singapore are inexpensive and easy to set up. You don’t need to hire a full-time office, and the costs can be adjusted to fit your budget. They also don’t limit the business activities you can do from the address.

Legal obligations

If you run a business in Singapore, you probably know the importance of a registered office address. This is the location where government bodies like the ACRA can visit and inquire about your business. It also has to have a person on duty during office hours. The registered office address is also where you will receive notices and communications from the government. Banks also send correspondence to the registered office address. If you don’t have a physical office in Singapore, you can also set up a registered office address in Singapore.

All registered companies in Singapore must have a local registered address. This is where you will keep all your registered documents. It’s important to note that the registered address has to be a physical address and cannot be a P.O. box. Additionally, under Section 19 of the Companies Act, a company must have a constitution that outlines the purpose of the company and rules for internal management. Private companies can use the model institutions provided by the ACRA for this purpose. However, you should also be aware that the Registrar has the right to refuse registration on specific grounds.


Registering a Singapore address can help you avoid the high costs associated with renting an office space. However, it is important to understand that you will be charged for certain services as well. For example, if you want to receive bank correspondence, you must provide your registered address. You will have to pay S$2.00 per mail handled as well as postage cost. Furthermore, you will need to place a S$100 deposit for these postal charges. However, this deposit will be returned to you when the subscription period ends.

A registered address in Singapore is compulsory for all Singapore companies, regardless of size. In most cases, you will use this address for a limited period of time. You may also wish to opt for additional services such as fax and mail forwarding. Some of these services include dedicated or shared telephone numbers, document preparation and re-mailing, and more. In addition to these essential services, you will also receive mails and notices from governing bodies and banks. For these reasons, it is imperative for you to check your incoming mail regularly.

Where to get a registered office address in Singapore

Getting a registered office address in Singapore is essential for any business in Singapore. In order to be compliant with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, a company must have a local address. This registered address is not a PO Box and it must be accessible to the public during business hours. In addition, if you want your business to get the best possible first impression, it is important to have a local registered office address.

A registered office is a physical address that is used by legal authorities and financial institutions to receive mail and other official notices. However, the address should be a real office location in Singapore, not a P.O. box. In Singapore, a good option is Peninsula Plaza, which is just a short walk from the City Hall MRT station and a stone’s throw away from the Central Business District. It is staffed by a receptionist during regular working hours and can accommodate urgent mail.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

Setting Up a Virtual Office in Singapore

virtual office in singapore

A virtual office is a great option for startups that are just beginning operations in Singapore. The cost is lower, and the risk is lower as well. This is important for new businesses trying to enter a new market. However, you will want to make sure that you choose a location that is convenient for you and your clients.

Renting a virtual office in singapore

Renting a virtual office is a great option for new companies that are trying to establish themselves in Singapore. This option is cost effective and enables them to cut out the expense of space. Because it is a virtual space, the client is free to choose the facilities they need and can decide how long they will need the space for. Another benefit of a virtual office is that the client does not have to hire employees and can start their company for as short a time as needed.

If you are looking for an affordable virtual office space in Singapore, there are a number of options available. Regus, for example, offers 24 locations throughout the city. The company offers flexible payment plans and provides a number of additional services. For example, virtual offices at Regus start at S$178 per month. Prices vary depending on what services you need.


If you’re looking to establish a company in Singapore, a virtual office may be the perfect solution. These services don’t require office space and there are no maintenance fees to worry about. They can also be purchased for as little as one day or as long as you need them. A Singapore virtual office is ideal for sole traders or businesses that need a prominent address for their clients. These services are widely available in reputable business centres across Singapore.

The price of a Singapore virtual office is considerably cheaper than renting an office in the country. In some cases, virtual office spaces cost as little as 60 SGD per month. This is much lower than the typical cost of 2,000-3,000 SGD per month for traditional office space. You can work with a Singapore virtual office specialist to find the most suitable location for your company. With the Singapore economy expected to stabilize and grow by 3.2% by 2022, this is a great time to consider a Singapore virtual office.

Quality of service

Virtual offices are an excellent way for you to establish a professional presence in Singapore. These services can be used for short-term or long-term requirements, making them a convenient and economical option. They are ideal for sole traders or small businesses that need a prominent address to impress their clients. You can find these services easily in reputable business centers.

Virtual office packages vary in price and include a variety of different services. Choose the ones that will best meet your business’ needs. For example, if you expect a high call volume or mail volume, you may want to choose a package that includes unlimited phone calls and mail. In addition, many virtual office providers require a minimum contract term of six months. However, if you need a shorter contract, you can negotiate with the provider. Some providers offer refunds if you decide to cancel your account.


Setting up a virtual office in Singapore can be a smart move for business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It is inexpensive, provides a professional-sounding address, and forwards mail and packages. These features can help you maintain a corporate image, while saving you from commercial rental fees.

Depending on your needs, there are several options for location of virtual offices in Singapore. The Central Area has several business-friendly buildings with modern skyscrapers. There are also meeting rooms and other business-enhancing services available. A Virtual Office can be booked for S$40 per month, or you can choose to upgrade your membership and choose to use other services at no additional cost.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

Business Address Service Reviews

business address service

If you are looking for a business address service, then you’ve come to the right place. Our reviews will help you find the right company for your business. We cover such companies as iPostal1, Anytime Mailbox, Alliance, and Stable. All of these companies offer a range of different services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.


If you’ve ever wanted to have a virtual business address, iPostal1 has the solution for you. Their digital mailbox software lets you manage and deliver mail and packages remotely. Plus, with their software, you can set up a plethora of other features for your business, including the ability to set up automatic delivery for packages.

iPostal1’s virtual office also comes with real-time shipping rates and service levels. You can also store voice mail messages in the virtual mailbox. In addition, iPostal1 allows you to register your company with the government and maintain your privacy by using their virtual address. You can choose from various location options in the United States and even internationally.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox offers a variety of business address plans. They include mail scanning, shredding, and mail recipients for a monthly fee. You can also add on additional services for a small fee. These plans are great for business travelers who don’t want to give out their home address.

Anytime Mailbox provides mailing addresses in the US and many other countries. It has a phone app so you can manage your mail on the go. Depending on the location, plans can include shredding, opening, and scanning, and some offer forwarding for an extra fee. Additionally, some locations offer office suites and registered business addresses.


Alliance Virtual Offices provides business address services and virtual offices to small businesses. They have more than 1200 locations in the US and offer everything from mail handling and forwarding to a live receptionist. In addition, they offer meeting room and virtual office space. Their virtual office service can act as your business’s headquarters or branch office.

Alliance Virtual Offices also offers discounted mail forwarding and real-time shipping rates. However, they do not offer fax services or check deposit. Their virtual address can be used for other functions besides mail, including entity formation and business license applications. They are an industry leader in digital mailbox technology and started offering this service in 2007. They have more than 2300 real street addresses available to businesses.


Stable is a business address service that provides both a virtual business address and a mailroom. This helps businesses overcome the difficulties of distance. It is easy to use and does not create any complications. It also allows businesses to manage their mailroom from anywhere. The company has helped over 1000 companies establish business addresses.

Stable offers two business address plans, a basic and a pro plan. The basic plan costs $25 per month for one recipient and includes pay-as-you-go mail scanning and shredding. It also provides free 30-day mail storage. Stable offers a startup plan for $50 per month, which includes the basic plan plus up to five recipients and up to 30 mail scans per month.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

What Is a Registered Address?

registered address service

A registered address is the official address of a company. It is where important company correspondence like letters from Companies House and HMRC will be sent. It is also where company literature will be sent. Meanwhile, a service address is the public address of the company’s director. This address can be anywhere in the world.

Legal correspondence address

A registered address service is useful for a number of reasons. Not only is it a more formal way to receive legal correspondence, but it can also save time and money. Companies House maintains a list of registered addresses for companies in the UK. A registered address service can help you to avoid having to spend time and money searching for the details of a company.

Registered addresses are essential for the proper functioning of a business, as they are the official addresses for legal correspondence. A registered address ensures that important correspondence from banks, suppliers, and clients is delivered to the right address. Companies with registered addresses are required to follow certain rules, including that they can only have one registered address at a time. Using a registered address service can help companies comply with these requirements, and will help them avoid having to worry about losing important government documents.

Non-residential service address

A registered address is important for your business. This is the address that companies use for statutory records, government mail, and official correspondence. Your registered address is also displayed on the public register maintained by Companies House. Most people prefer to use an address other than their residence. This is possible by using a non-residential registered address service.

One advantage of a non-residential registered address service is that you can change it at any time. However, be sure to update the information on the relevant company registers and Companies House. This type of registered address helps you keep your privacy and creates a valuable professional image.

Registered office address

If you are planning to start a limited company, you should get a registered office address. This is not necessarily the same as your home address, but it must be a physical address where you can receive official documents and notices from third parties. You can get this service by visiting Companies House. This service will cost you $125.

There are many advantages to having a registered office. It gives you a professional image and a reliable communication channel. Your clients will be able to contact you without any problems, and you will also be able to send them important documents on time. Moreover, it boosts your corporate image, which in turn will lead to more business and greater trust from customers.

Virtual address

If you’re looking to set up a business, you may be interested in using a virtual address service to manage and forward all of your legal mail. This service will accept and forward mail to the business owner, as well as forward notices and other documents to the registered agent. A virtual address is useful for both personal and business use and is widely used by entrepreneurs and other businesspeople.

A virtual address service can be used to establish a business base in thousands of locations around the world. This will add legitimacy to your business while safeguarding your privacy and allowing your employees to work from anywhere.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

Business Address Rental

business address rental

Business address rental can be a great way to enhance client confidence. Not only can it increase the credibility and validity of your business, but it also provides a central point of contact for your clients. It is an ideal way to establish credibility and legitimacy for your company and increase your sales. However, you should be aware of the privacy issues associated with business address rental, as well as the costs.

Virtual office is a business address rental

Virtual office addresses are a great way to give your business a professional look. You can use the address to scan mail, arrange meetings, and stay on top of your admin. It also gives your business a sense of permanence and stability. Many states do not allow some types of businesses to operate from home, so using a virtual office address can help you get around these restrictions.

Business owners may be unsure about whether a virtual office address is right for their business. They need to make sure the address owner is aware of the legal implications of using the address for business purposes. In addition, they need to communicate regularly with the virtual office owner so they receive important correspondence promptly. Some businesses even get licenses for their virtual office addresses.

Mailbox rental is a business address rental

With the digital age, a business address rental is a great way to stay connected while on the go. Not only can you continue to receive your mail while away, but a street address makes your business look more professional. Mailbox rental services also provide a safe place to receive and hold packages during the business day. Some service providers provide 24-hour access to your mailbox, which is a great convenience.

Mailbox rentals are a great way to avoid the inconvenience of revealing your home address to clients. These addresses are often more secure than unsecure private mailboxes, and they ensure that your mail is received and stored safely. Mailboxes are a great way to protect your business and personal documents.

Privacy concerns with business address rental

While it is possible to rent a business address, it can compromise your privacy. By letting others use your home address, you are putting your home and business addresses on public record. Using a virtual business address can help you avoid this issue. Using a virtual address will keep your home and business addresses separate.

Cost of business address rental

Business address rental services are a great way to establish a presence in the UK. These services allow domestic enterprises to operate from anywhere in the UK. They’re also useful for overseas-based companies who want to establish a direct point of contact with UK clients. Having a physical address makes it easier to register with Companies House and HMRC. A virtual business address also makes it easier to send important documents, such as tax returns, to the appropriate authorities.

A business address rental service will typically cost a monthly fee. The cost of a business address rental will vary based on the location. For smaller companies, a virtual address is a convenient and affordable option. Many of these services include post collection and a virtual office phone number. These services can help a company’s credibility while also giving individual employees a more private place to work.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

Singapore Virtual Address – Choose a Location That Offers Meeting Rooms

singapore virtual address

If you have your own company and need a Singapore virtual address, there are several options that you can choose from. These options include Centennial Business Suites, Servcorp, and The Great Room. These locations all provide different types of services, including meeting rooms for up to twelve people. Choosing a location that offers meeting rooms is also a great way to show you are serious about doing business in Singapore and the region.

Centennial Business Suites

The Centennial Business Suites Singapore virtual address allows your company to have a local address, but without the expense of a real office space. The suites also offer meeting rooms, fast internet, projector usage, and complimentary beverages. Centennial Business Suites are located close to retail centers, restaurants, and entertainment. The suites are fully furnished and equipped with the latest technology, ensuring that your company can easily meet all of its business needs.

Centennial Business Suites offers a professional address at a low monthly rate. It has a robust IT infrastructure, a receptionist, call-handling team, and a mail handling service. The serviced offices can be found at 4 locations throughout Singapore. These locations include the Octagon, Suntec City, and the Thong Teck Building.


The Servcorp Singapore virtual address is easy to set up and maintain. You can sign up for it online in three easy steps. You can also choose a combination of communication and meetings packages to suit your needs. You can check the rates for your chosen package online. You will be able to choose between a basic package or a premium one that includes all the features of a virtual office.

With over 100 premium office locations in over 22 countries, Servcorp is expanding its presence in South East Asia. The company’s new Singapore office location, the Marina Bay Financial Centre, will officially open on January 19. The new building will be one of the most prestigious addresses in the region.

The Great Room

As one of the premier coworking spaces in Singapore, The Great Room is well-known for its design and functionality. Each location is designed with an elevated environment, sleek surrounds, and optimal lighting to make work more productive and enjoyable. The Great Room is a great place to network and make new contacts.

The Great Room has a virtual office membership and offers mail handling services. If you need assistance or have a question about the membership, you can reach out to Aakriti, the Centre Manager. Within 30 minutes of your inquiry, she will reply. The Great Room is located on Level 10 of the One George Street building, and is a short walk from Clarke Quay and Raffles Place. The location is also full of exciting restaurants and wellness facilities.

The Great Room is a top choice for entrepreneurs and other professionals who want an upscale work environment. This space comes with a premium price, so it might not be suitable for all businesses. However, if you are looking to network and build relationships, the upscale ambiance will give you the edge you need.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

Virtual Address in Singapore – Which Offices Are Right For Your Business?

virtual address in singapore

If you have a global business, a virtual address in Singapore will help you grow your presence. The city has plenty of offices that you can choose from. Some of them include High Street Center, EZCorp, CEO SUITE, The Great Room, and more. Find out what you need to know about these offices to decide if they are right for your business.

High Street Center

High Street Centre, Singapore is home to a number of businesses and coworking spaces that combine professional growth with meaningful community and programs. The two-storey building offers spectacular views of the city skyline, and is just 4 minutes’ walk from the Clarke Quay MRT. In addition, the building is conveniently located near the Funan Mall and several educational institutions.

The High Street Centre is a commercial and residential tower located on North Bridge Road, in Singapore’s Central Business District. The building has easy access to the city via the nearby New Bridge Road, High Street, and Clarke Quay, and can also be reached via several bus services. It is also conveniently located near major expressways and highways. By car, a trip to the Central Business District and Orchard Shopping District takes around five to 10 minutes.


If you’re looking for an affordable and hassle-free virtual address for your Singapore business, EZCorp is the name you should know. With offices located in a Grade A office building in Jurong East, EZCorp is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving success in the virtual address industry.

EZCorp Singapore offers cheap virtual office addresses that are great for fractional businesses, global firms, and small startups. You’ll also get a Singapore business phone number dedicated to your business. You can even get a corporate secretary, free tax returns, and unlimited mail handling with the EZCorp Singapore virtual address.


CEO Suite is a premier business center that offers virtual address services in Asia. The company offers high-quality workspaces, dedicated receptionists, and more. These services are designed to help businesses run smoothly. CEO Suite leverages its 20 years of experience and close connections to provide businesses with a complete one-stop service. CEO Suite has 21 prime locations in Asia’s CBDs.

For companies looking for a unique and convenient address, CEO SUITE Singapore is a great choice. This modern building offers a four-storey lobby, unique views of the city, and professional services. The building is also home to numerous global corporations and a German embassy. In addition, CEO Suite Singapore has a penthouse lifestyle hub that is available to customers. Besides having access to a private dining room, the building is also home to an upscale bar lounge and modern Japanese restaurant.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

Cheap Registered Office Address

cheap registered office address

If you want to find a cheap registered office address, you can go online to find the service that offers the best deal. There are several sites that offer registered office address services, including City Address, Paciol, iPostal2, and Northwest Registered Agent. These services offer registered office services at market leading prices. These sites also offer ease of ordering and express setup.

City Address

Registering your company in a city may seem difficult, but if you don’t have the money to hire an expensive office, it’s possible to get a cheap registered office address in your chosen location. Whether you’re starting a new company or expanding your existing business, a registered office will give you an official address that represents your company. These addresses are also useful for receiving mails, which you can either keep for yourself or forward to another location.


Obtaining a registered office address in Singapore is a crucial first step for forming a company. However, getting an inexpensive business address can be a challenge. Thankfully, Paciol provides affordable business addresses for those in need of a Singapore address. Their registered office address service includes mail notification and forwarding services.


There are several benefits of having a registered office address with iPostal1. Besides offering cheap registered office address, you can also use the address for business correspondence. You can send and receive mail at any of the iPostal locations around the world. In addition, you can see your mail and packages online from any location. The prices are extremely affordable and you can also get international shipping discounts and an unlimited address book online.

The service is user-friendly. You can activate your account within fifteen minutes of signing up. Once you have registered, you can access your mail online and scan any document. The service also allows you to store and shred mail. This service will guarantee that your mail is not intercepted by scammers or other unwanted parties. The service is also available with a mobile app, which makes it convenient for you to manage mail.

Northwest Registered Agent

For those who want to save money on their registered office address, Northwest Registered Agent is a great choice. This company offers a number of discounts, and you can even take advantage of their phone service, if you wish. They also provide better credit card terms than other registered agent services. There are two different pricing plans available, which allow you to customize your package based on your business needs.

Northwest Registered Agent offers a free year of registered agent services, and they do not sell any of their customer information. They also offer excellent customer service and have a straightforward pricing structure. They work with state agencies and work with clients to keep their records in good standing with the New York Secretary of State.

Anytime Mailbox

With cheap registered office addresses available around the world, Anytime Mailbox is an excellent choice for small businesses. Not only does the service come with many international locations, it also has an affordable monthly price tag. Customers can choose from plans that offer a virtual mailbox, incoming mail forwarding, check deposit, and a physical mailbox. The service also offers unlimited mail storage and a simple, user-friendly interface.

Anytime Mailbox also has a number of extra services that make it an excellent choice for small businesses and solopreneurs. For example, they provide a virtual mailbox that offers mail scanning, shredding, and mail forwarding services. For an additional fee, these services can also include check deposit.

Business Singapore Virtual Office

Choosing a Singapore Virtual Office Address

singapore virtual office address

One of the most important considerations when looking for a virtual office is the location of the building. Since the address of your virtual office will affect the branding of your business, it is essential that you choose a location that is accessible to your target market. Having a physical address will also make it easier to promote your business and show it off to potential clients.

Location of virtual office affects branding of your business

Location plays an important role in branding a business. It should be accessible for your target audience. A virtual office can provide you with a registered business address. You can choose a location near a business district or a reputed enterprise in order to get maximum exposure for your business.

It will give a professional touch to your brand. Moreover, it will make it easier for your potential clients to respect your company. In addition, you can use your virtual office for team-building events and meetings. A reputed brand can build its credibility through various techniques, including the development of quality products and publicizing its achievements. Even a small business can boost its credibility by building a good image of its brand.

Getting good reviews online is an effective way to increase your business’s visibility. Positive reviews will encourage more people to try out your virtual office service. Furthermore, 72% of consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.

Cost-effectiveness of renting a virtual office in Singapore

If you have a small business, renting a virtual office in Singapore can be a cost-effective solution. Some virtual office providers offer packages ranging from fifty to a hundred dollars a month. If you only need a few employees, a virtual office can be a good choice.

Choosing a virtual office in Singapore can help you keep your costs down and make the most of your space. You don’t have to hire employees to manage the office, and the purchase process is quick and easy. Moreover, you can choose which services you want and how long you want to use it. Generally, the longer you rent a virtual office, the lower your monthly rate will be.

A virtual office in Singapore is a cost-effective option for businesses of any size, especially for startups. These services are flexible and can be set up within a day. They can include comprehensive meeting facilities, mail handling, and office support. They can help you project a professional image to your customers. You can even add other services to your package at a later stage.

Quality of services provided by a virtual office company

You should choose a Singapore virtual office service that gives you a professional address and a phone number. The address should be in a business district so that potential clients can easily contact you. This gives credibility to your business. It also gives your clients the impression that you have a physical presence.

Make sure that the virtual office offers the right type of services for your business. Different packages may offer different services, such as mail forwarding, reception services, and corporate secretarial services. Some virtual office providers allow you to customize the services, while others require you to sign a contract and lock-in period. You should be sure that the virtual office is credible, and you should be able to see its facilities before signing a contract.

Another consideration is the quality of services provided by the virtual office provider. A virtual office provider may charge you more if they offer you poor services. For example, poor phone services may hamper your business’s success online. In addition, poor internet services may hinder your business’ ability to conduct online transactions.